NPC extends its work on student complaints to Scotland

Following NPC's long campaigns for removal of Visitorial jurisdiction on student complaints in England and Wales, to create an office of the independent adjudicator, Scotland is also making efforts to reform its own student complaints by extending the remit of the Scottish Ombudsman. Up to now, no student has any body they can go to if they wish to take their complaint beyond the institution's internal complaints procedures and so the ombudsman has been considered as the answer, who already deals with complaints in other public services including health, government and housing.

NPC does support the need for the ombudsman although expresses its concern with regards to whether the appropriate expertise will be available, and urges a specific office to be created that will actively communicate with the independent adjudicator to ensure parity in handling student complaints both sides of the border. This is especially necessary when dealing with the complex cases that arise with research students. This is highly necessary for a timely, comprehensive, transparent and fair complaints procedure so that NPC will not see the return of such severe cases faced with the Visitor system in England and Wales.

The consultation can be found online here and the response made by NPC can be seen here.