Exclusive Postgraduate Facilities: Is this an emerging trend?

Following work presented at NPC Conference 2002 in St. Andrews the case for providing exclusive facilities for postgraduates while also looking at the issues of segregation from undergraduates was presented from research carried out over the past year by NPC.

From the research it was interesting to note how the ethos adopted by institutions is varied across the UK. There are different examples of practise that were identified such as:

  • A Graduate Centre such as in Cardiff, Leeds and Durham where both social and study facilities can be provided in the interests of postgraduates.
  • A Graduate Union such as York Graduate Students Association, one of few institutions in the country to have a postgraduate sabbatical officer with an autonomous union independent of the main Students' Union.
  • A Graduate Campus for institutions that are on separate campuses they may concentrate postgraduates on one campus.

Institutions providing these facilities can give unique selling points, that there is a postgraduate experience to be proud of. There are evidently many positive aspects about them and they are growing in popularity.

So should other institutions go the same way or will they be forced under the same umbrella as undergraduates? NPC therefore will seek to identify good practise from a report to be published soon. Watch this space.