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Would you like to use your experience working to enhance the postgraduate experience to help shape the national agenda working for a national student organisation ... and be paid for your time?

The election for the UK's only full-time national officer for postgraduate students, the NPC General Secretary, takes place on the 11th August 2007 at the NPC Annual General Meeting at Keele University. The AGM takes place during our Annual Conference (9-11 August 2007).

From 1 October 2007 to 30 September 2008 the successful candidate will become the public face of the NPC to liaise with student and government bodies and the media. As well as general administration the General Secretary will also represent the NPC at NUS National Council, the UK Council for Graduate Education and other national bodies, and take chief responsibility for writing the NPC's responses to public consultations. Although the position is very demanding the General Secretary will be part of a team of NPC officers (also to be elected at the AGM) from across the UK who will work on behalf of UK Postgraduates.

This is an ideal opportunity for an experienced postgraduate officer to gain valuable experience of representation at a national level. Training and support from the rest of the NPC Executive, as well as past General Secretaries, will be provided. It is not necessary for candidates to have held an NPC position before, though some knowledge of how we work would be an advantage. As the NPC is virtual an office space is an advantage and close links to a student union or association is preferable for communications.

The salary for the position will be determined by the NPC's Financial Subcommittee during July and is expected to be at least two-thirds of the starting postdoctoral salary in the pre-1992 universities.

For more information please contact 0121 251 2499 or send an e-mail to and Simon Felton (NPC General Secretary (2005-2007)
will be happy to speak to you in absolute confidence.

Simon Felton