NPC Annual Conference 2008, Open University Milton Keynes, 14th - 16th August 2008

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Weare pleased to invite you all to the National Postgraduate Committee Annual Conference 2008. to be held at the Open University, Milton Keynes on the 14th, 15th and 16th of August 2008

Entitled, `Postgraduate Welfare?´, the event will investigate a wide range of issues affecting the postgraduate student during the course of their studies and research. Whilst previous events have revolved around a number of external speakers from bodies involved with the higher education sector, this year we are focussing on our role as a facilitator of postgraduate representation. In this vein, we will be running a series of workshops, seminars and training sessions aimed at improving the lot of the average postgraduate by reengaging with the many individuals in universities and students´ unions who work hard to improve the postgraduate experience.

Continuing with our new spirit of openness and cooperation, we encourage both affiliates and non-affiliates to attend the days events. However, in the interests of widening the appeal of the NPC, we also encourage university employees who deal with postgraduates as well as those in the wider sector to partake in the conference.

On the 16th August 2008, the event will also hold the Annual General Meeting of the National Postgraduate Committee. Please note, you can contact our chairman, David Thurkettle on, up to a week before the event if you wish to have items included on the agenda.

We feel strongly that your attendance at this event would be an invaluable asset from which we all can gain knowledge and experience. With your help the National Postgraduate Committee can only become stronger and continue to represent postgraduate students across the United Kingdom and beyond. Booking forms will be sent out shortly, but if you want to make a provisional booking, please email either the General Secretary, Duncan Philip Connors at or our Conference Secretary, George Macfarlane at

We look forward to seeing you all there!