Equality for LGBT Academic Staff Motion

Proposed by BUGS
Seconded by Simon Felton

Submitted 30/05/06

NPC Notes

1) The THES article of 26 May 2006 that a glass ceiling in higher education is depriving homosexual academics of the promotions enjoyed by their heterosexual colleagues (Tysome, 2006, p.56).

2) That 36% of gay and lesbian academics and administrators surveyed by the AUT who were out had been bullied or harassed by colleagues in past five years (Tysome, 2006, p.56).

3) Religious groups seeking exemption from the forthcoming goods and services regulations by allowing services and run by Christians to be legally entitled to turn away gay customers, including care homes and schools.

NPC Believes

1) Academics should be rewarded by talent and should not be prejudiced by sexuality, gender, race, disability, age or ethnicity.

2) That exemptions in access to goods and services are discriminatory and could be used by religious colleges to exclude students and prevent academic research.

3) Discrimination can be subtle or overt, ranging from contracts not being renewed or posts and promotions not being offered, to more openly abusive behaviour.

4) LGBT issues should be included in all equality training, internal attitudinal surveys, and monitoring of complaints of harassment. The results of monitoring should be published.

NPC Resolves

1) To submit a response to the consultation for good and services provision opposing exemptions for religious groups.

2) To work with Stonewall where practicable in opposing exemptions to the goods and services regulations and to highlight discrimination in the academic environment.

3) To work with UCU in ensuring Universities and Colleges have procedures that allow academics to complain without prejudice and that hidden homophobia is challenged.