Proposed by Dries Neirynck
Seconded by Duncan Connors

Submitted 31/05/06

NPC notes:

1) AUT and NATFHE's "action short-of-a-strike" to support their claims for higher pay

2) The letter of AUT and NATFHE to NPC, dated 10 April

3) That pay rises are disproportionately advantageous to higher paid staff

4) That employers don't have unlimited amounts of cash

5) That the trade unions fail to take into account that some postgraduate students depend on the income of teaching duties

6) That for hourly paid teaching staff including postgraduates that teach "action short-of-a-strike" is a strike

NPC believes:

1) That the trade unions actions are diametrically opposed to their claims that they care about students' interests

2) That it is morally wrong for the trade unions to take the students hostage in their conflict with the universities.

3) That higher wages will put extra pressure on senior research staff to get research grants,

4) That this will lead to extra pressure on research students to take on teaching duties

5) That therefore leads to less rather than more motivated lecturers for taught students;

6) That this will lead to less chances for postgraduates to continue in academic positions

7) That collective pay bargaining fails to take into account the differences between institutions and individuals within those institutions

8) That as an organisation NPC should put the interests of its members above political tit-for-tat bargaining

9) That students should be the main beneficiaries of top-up fee income

NPC resolves:

1) Not to support the trade unions claims for higher pay

2) To condemn the trade unions current action

3) To publicise this policy