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RMIT University is one of Australias leading educational institutions. It was established in 1887 and has grown to become of the largest in Australia.

RMIT has 57,000 students who study at RMIT campuses in Melbourne and regional Victoria, Vietnam, online, by distance education, and at partner institutions throughout the world.

RMIT Supervision Aims

The aim of RMIT supervision practice is to increase the capacity for research supervision and the quality of this supervision.

RMIT also aims to create a forum for the dissemination and development of information, resources and skills in research supervision across disciplines.


The supervision development programme was established in 2001 and was developed through consultation across the university.

The supervisor development programme is designed to complement training and profession development activities offered at a portfolio level.


Over a year a series of 15 workshops (approximately) are offered. These draw on practice and experience from a range of areas across the university to provide a wide range of perspectives and expertise across disciplines, research degree types and research methodologies.

The programme is not compulsory for supervisors but they must attend at least two sessions each year in order to be entered and retained on the University wide Supervisor Register. This register is monitored and approved by the Research and Graduate Studies Committee and is updated annually, based on a record of development activities from each supervisor participant.

After 2005, no progress on student enrolments can be made unless the nominated supervisor has met registration requirments. This ensures that every supervisor is appropriately trained and registered.


RMITs completion rates and student satisfaction levels have improved since the introduction of the programme.

Participants in the programme valued the input from a range of colleagues within the university.


An accompanying Supervisor Development Workbook was created for those supervisor participants unable to attend face-to-face sessions or who wished to undertake self learning.

The workbook is updated annually to reflect the changing experience of supervision and is emphasised on what supervisors need to do rather than what they need to know.

A workbook is available here.