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The development of representational, welfare, financial and skills provision for postgraduates over the last few years has been prompted by a number of government and sector driven initiatives. These have included the work of the National Postgraduate Committee and National Union of Students, government initiatives such as the Roberts Review and the QAA Code of Practice.

This database has been created to allow institutions, unions, associations and postgraduate students to describe their practice in all areas of postgraduate support and provision. The use of the term practice is deliberately broad to allow for recognition of the varied methods of providing support to postgraduates through feedback mechanisms, representation support, supervisor training, skills training etc.

The National Postgraduate Committee welcomes all contributions to the database and encourages submissions via email to

The database is divided into publicly accessible practice and affiliate restricted practice. This allows institutions, unions and bodies to share practice that they feel is original as well as practice that they undertake as part of normal practice and practice that they do not wish to share freely.

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