Coalition 2010

The NUS in coalition with partners has launched Coalition 2010. Coalition 2010 is a united alliance of leading organisations (AUT, NATFHE, ATL, NASUWT, NUT) within the education sector that are committed to keeping the 3,000 cap on top-up fees for full-time undergraduate students in England.

The coalition is a unified group against any further extension of the market in education which all partners believe will act as a deterrent to students from poorer and under-represented backgrounds.

The coalition is based on the following principles.

That we are:

  • United in opposition to the creation of markets in education.
  • United in opposition to a variable tuition fee.
  • United in opposition to the removal of the 3,000 cap

Coalition 2010 aims to keep the cap on top-up fees. The 2004 HE Act allowed institutions to charge up to 3000 a year for any undergraduate course for full time home students. 2008 will see the review process begin on the 3000 cap with a decision to be made in 2009. Any change would likely be implemented in 2010.

In 2008, the Government will begin a review process of the 3,000 cap. A decision on this will be made in 2009, and any change is likely to be implemented in 2010.

The coalition will be supported by research and testimonials from students and potential students to provide an evidence base for the government to consider its review.

Further information can be found at: and

A letter to get your local MP to sign an Early Day Motion to support the Coalition is available here.