The National Postgraduate Committee

The National Postgraduate Committee is a charity to advance, in the public interest, postgraduate education in the UK. We are made up of postgraduate student representatives from educational institutions with postgraduate students. The NPC aims to promote the interests of postgraduates studying in the UK, while remaining politically non-aligned. The Committee holds an annual conference, and publishes various guidelines and codes of practice.

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Postgraduate News

Labs at risk from loss of expertise
Age 'time bomb' and poor training threaten skills drain as technicans not replaced. Chloe Stothart reports.
Security limits tutor access
Students complain that swipe-card entry at Manchester's new building prevents them getting on to lecturers' floors. Rebecca Attwood reports.
Scots review four-year degree
Scotland's traditional four-year degree is expected to come under review by the group looking at the future of higher education north of the border.
Special report: New schools
Tories initiate own inquiry into Sats
The Conservatives have enlisted the former head of Imperial College London to carry out a rival inquiry into the future of exams
New Leeds school to switch to academy
South Leeds high school is to be turned into an academy under Leeds city council proposals to improve its pupils' exam results

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